Album review: Tracey Thorn – Out Of The Woods

Released: 5th March 2007
Label: EMI

Out of the woods coverEverything But The Girl’s frontwoman, is back with a new sound. Her stunning solo album Out Of The Woods, boldly tackles electro pop, house, techno and orchestral accompaniments, mix that with a contagious bassline and you have a sound that is truly her own.

At first listen you can hear some shades of Imogen Heap, which are reflected in the complex arrangements. However, the real beauty lies in those tracks which are so pure and instrumental like Here It Comes Again.

Particular highlights of the album include A-Z, a slow, sad lament about gay teenagers bullied at school and the uplifting Hands Up To The Ceiling. But for me the clear winner is It’s All True, an 80′s New York dance track, which is set to be the first single from the record.

Those of you expecting an EBTG sound wont be disappointed. Every track takes you on a different musical journey, guided gently by Thorn’s beautiful, timeless voice.

– Charlie Barker


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