Theatre Review: Suddenly at Home

Venue: Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield
Company: Presented by Talking Scarlet
Date: 16th May 2013

The glorious Victorian, Pomegranate Theatre played host to a mystery thriller with several gruesome twists on the evening performance of Francis Durbridge’s, Suddenly at Home.

Starring former Brookside actor, Marcus Hutton, Ben Roddy (Innocent Crimes) and Patric Kearns, the audience are thrown into a complicated mystery involving cheating, scheming and a string of events, which lead to murder.

The story begins with husband, Glenn Howard (Roddy) who plans to get rid of his wealthy wife in a plot to inherit her millions and avoid moving to Bermuda at her wish, leaving his job and life in England behind him. In doing so, he enlists the help of his wife’s friend, Sheila Wallis, who appears to be the subject of his devotions. The duo appear to have a flawless plan in disposing of Mrs Howard, leaving her former lover, Sam Blaine (Hutton) in the picture, until the arrival of Remmick (Kearns).

The plot takes a series of credible and mysterious turns, acted out by a small cast of seven, taking you back into a setting in the 1970s where careful planning is crucial for success.

As a small cast, they hold the pace and plot well, with particularly strong performances from Shelia Wallis’ character and the short but sweet appearance of Patric Kearns.

On occasion, there were brief passages where dialogue between characters seemed hesitant and strained, although normal pace was resumed quickly it did detract slightly from the matter in hand.

That aside, delivery issues didn’t take away from the fact that the cast presented an entertaining, enjoyable and fast-paced performance.

– Charlie Barker


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