Planned Demonstrations postpone Sheffield’s first Devonshire Market

The following statement has been received from the Big Live Event regarding the cancellation of the Devonshire Market event this Saturday 7th June. The event will fully resume on Saturday 13th July.

June Devonshire Market Postponed Until July 13th to Assist Police and Sheffield City Centre Management manage planned demonstrations.

We have been contacted by the police and Sheffield City Council City Centre Management Team regarding a planned march by the English Defence League to Barkers Pool on Saturday. In addition to this we have also been informed of counter demonstrations planned by opposing citizens also scheduled for Sheffield’s Cultural Quarter. We have been informed these demonstrations are likely to be larger in size than those witnessed last weekend and will be particularly focused around the areas of Barkers Pool, Division Street, and Devonshire Green. It is also our understanding that while every effort is being made to ensure shops and businesses along Division Street remain open, some are taking the independent decision to close.

After working consultation with Sheffield City Council City Centre Management Team, the police, and liaising with our range of multicultural traders based on current intelligence and last weeks demonstrations we have decided to postpone June’s Devonshire Market until Saturday July 13th. The decision to postpone the market has not been taken lightly and in consultation with our traders and insurance provider we have weighted the decision to preserve public the livelihoods of our traders and the future reputation of the market against the potential for increased footfall. Traders have been offered a full refund for their June pitch or the opportunity to move onto our July market.

Devonshire Markets, Sheffield City Centre Management Team, and Sheffield City Council are committed to ensuring the city centre is a vibrant and bustling place to trade. For this reason we are all working together in collaboration towards July’s market which will also see us team up with Sensoria and Our Big Gig to showcase a variety of Sheffield based talent, and celebrate the cities wide range of independent trade maintaining a family friendly, upbeat atmosphere. In the light of June’s postponement we would welcome your support in promotion of July’s market. Please use this facebook link to promote it to your friends and relatives, tweet us @DevonshireMkts, and keep checking our website for regular updates surrounding July’s market and the lively community focused entertainment program we are all working hard to develop for it.

We look forward to July’s extra-special market.


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