Single Review: Sonic Boom Six – Karma Is A Bitch

Released: 17th June 2013
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings

Karma Is A BitchThe genre-bending Sonic Boom Six are back with their latest single release Karma Is A Bitch and in true SBS style, it doesn’t disappoint.

Following the release of their recent self-titled album, this is the fourth single from it, preceded by the likes of For The Kids of the Multiculture, Keep On Believing and Virus, getting themselves firmly on the Kerrang! Radio playlist and at the forefront of new alternative music.

The five-piece from Manchester have spent over six years touring Europe and Asia and have successfully, self-released three albums before signing with Xtra Mile Recordings in 2012 and working with Peter Miles (The King Blues, Futures, We Are Ocean) for their latest work.

They have proved themselves to be versatile band, who can’t be pigeon-holed into any one specific style, making their sound truly their own, mixing elements of ska, punk, grime, metal and dubstep.

Karma Is A Bitch is no exception with gritty metal guitar riffs, underpinned by a hyperactive drumbeat, with infectious melodic vocals from Leila K and fast-paced urban, rhymes from Barney Boom.

The B-sides are just as quirky, with the smooth sound of A Little Bit of Reggae and a re-worked acoustic version of their single Virus.

Each track couldn’t be more different from one another, yet never sounds disjointed or out of place. It flows effortlessly, showcasing these musicians and writers as a cut above the rest.

– Charlie Barker


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