EP Review: Connor Bannister – Coming Home

Label: Independent ReleaseComing Home EP
Released: May 2013

When an over-produced, mass market, popular music culture reigns it is a joy to hear an artist with passion, subtlety, expression and pure talent.

Connor Bannister, 18, hails from small town Lincolnshire and travels around the country with nothing but his guitar and his songs, winning over audiences with his honest and disarming charm, which melds seamlessly into the stories in his songs.

As currently independent artist, he has the raw edge to draw upon his own life and experiences and using them to draw out all kinds emotions from the listener.

Connor’s debut EP, is a collection of material that gives you the impression whilst he’s only 18, he’s lived and experienced more than his age lets on. The five tracks range from the optimistic, mid-tempo Head High, the heart-breaking Father and the uplifting, upbeat band arrangement achieved on Take Me Away, reminiscent of an early Frank Turner. The other two tracks consist of short interludes, easing you in and out of the CD.

In it’s very nature an EP is a short recording, however in the five tracks Connor takes you on a varied musical journey with a ‘live-sounding’ quality, showcasing his strengths as a songwriter, guitarist and lyricist.

With each song, you get a small glimpse into the life of the performer. Father, is a heart-breaking ballad talking about a young man’s desire to get to know his Dad in the absence of his Mother. Searching for peace, comfort and acceptance and is by far the outstanding track of the EP.

If you’re searching for a real, refreshing change in your musical collection take a look at some of the great independent musicians in the UK. Connor is one of the few acts that are keeping acoustic music interesting.

– Charlie Barker


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