EP Review: Kid Karate – Lights Out

Label: Kid Karate Music
Released: 2013

Kid Karate

They say the greatest things come in small packages. Well, in Kid Karate’s case just because they’re loud doesn’t mean you’re

listening to a band the size of the London Philharmonic!

The Dubin-based duo has taken the US by storm and is now embarking on a tour of the UK timed with their release of debut EP Lights Out. Vocalist and guitarist Kevin Breen and drummer Steven Gannon are bringing their own brand of raucous, animalistic, rock n roll over the pond.

Lights Out is a short, sharp, slap in the face grabbing your attention with howling, violent rock vocals and incessant, pounding percussion with their first single Two Times harking back to a working class upbringing in a suburb of North Dublin.

Amidst the aggression and violence portrayed throughout a fair part of their recording, they eloquently display a subtlety on the track Heart, with a heartfelt piano and synth intro building up to the crescendo of the guitars, percussion and vocals.

Their raw, primal sound is reminiscent of the White Stripes, Irish rockers Humanzi and the organised chaos of Be Your Own Pet with the interesting use of synths interspersed throughout driving riffs and gritty vocals.

They may just be emerging in the UK there’s a sense that you’ll be hearing a lot more from Kid Karate and their debut EP is just the first step on the ladder for them over here.

– Charlie Barker