Single Review: SIA – Chandelier

Released: 17th March 2014
Label: RCA Records

Sia ChandalierAustralian-born singer-songwriter SIA is back on the front line of mainstream music with her first solo single in four years. SIA’s last solo material, We Are Born, never made it to the UK top 40. Since hibernating from her solo career in 2010, the popster has subsequently embraced chart-topping victories with global stars. Having written and featured on massive hits Diamonds with Rihanna and Flo Rida’s Wild Ones, SIA hasn’t exactly hidden from success.

With mixed reviews from fans, this new release has solicited grumbles about a distinct change in musical direction. What should be noted is the longevity of a mainstream artist’s career and those who reinvent themselves tend to stay in the spotlight. With five albums already under her belt, Chandelier, the first single from her latest album, sets the tone for an upbeat crowd-pleasing track list.

Chandelier certainly is reminiscent of the catchy hooks and yearning vocals of Titanium and was co-written with her producer, Jesse Shatkin. The lyrics are limited in scope, unimaginative at times and the song crescendos with the customary epic high in the chorus to attract vanilla club-goers. Claiming to have written the song for herself ‘by accident’, SIA has told fans she was considering giving the song to Beyonce or Katy Perry. The song uses its big beats to offset her uniquely intense voice and captures the essence of the raw jamming session in which it was written.

The catchy melody may owe a debt to the repetitive lyrics but after high anticipation from critics and supporters alike, Chandelier is still set to be a hit.

– Biba Braxton


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