EP Review: Red Trees – Winter EP3

Winter EP3Red Trees are Sheffield-based duo Chris Beckett and Lou Richards. This EP is the third in their year-long seasons project: the songs here reflect Winter.

As usual with Red Trees, gentle, hypnotic guitar-picking, understated vocals and beautiful harmonies immerse the listener in a warm, gently-lapping ocean of sound.

These songs are not literal representations of Winter, there is no mention of Santa, nor have the duo opted for a “cold” production sound, instead the connection is that these songs were written in Winter and perhaps subtly, or even subliminally, capture something of the emotion of the season. There is a slowness and a melancholy yearning about the sound.

The five tracks on the EP are all painted from the same simple palette of delicately fingerpicked electric guitars and voices (only occasionally do other instruments add a slightly different background colour). Lou has a lovely voice, capable of soaring into the high registers, but always used in a restrained way. Lyrically, subjects include seasons, birds and a gift of wild flowers. The song Thoughts is a highlight, with its lovely, melodic guitar figure.

This is a simple, gentle EP; one to sit and listen to inside with the heating on, whilst it’s cold outside.

– Simon Benton