EP Review: Red Trees – Spring EP4

Red Trees EP4Red Trees are Sheffield-based duo Chris Beckett and Lou Richards. These songs, which were written in the Spring of 2014, conclude their four-EP Seasons project, and what a lovely project it has been.

Both Chris and Lou sing and play guitar, and all of the songs are their own compositions. Electric guitars are delicately finger-picked, and voices are restrained, and in beautiful harmony, creating a dreamy, ethereal sound. There is simplicity and spirituality to this music, and intimacy and introspection in the lyrics.

Of the five songs on the EP, Dove is possibly the stand-out track: it is longer, and, featuring a spoken word passage, and leavened by acoustic piano, it feels like it takes the listener on a little journey.

Chris and Lou’s voices are often not high in the mix, so primarily they provide melody, yet if you listen closely there are some beautiful words and sentiments, such as “I watched as the Autumn set fire to the trees”, and “I wrote your name as if there were no other words”. There are many references to seasons in this concluding work of the project, and to the natural world (flowers, fauna, landscape, weather), and in this way, they are perhaps Romantics in the old sense of the word.

This EP is available either online, or as a limited edition 3″ mini-CD, which somehow seems to fit with the duo’s minimalist DIY ethos. You can listen to them at redtrees.bandcamp.com, or buy the EP from searecords.co.uk.

– Simon Benton


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