Meet The Team

Meet some of the team who work with Agenda Magazine…

EDITOR: Charlie Barker

15107315_1619388918086809_4825563668251634645_nABOUT: In 2007, Charlie graduated with a BA Hons degree in Media & Journalism and a Minor in Public Relations. Her love of media started when she joined the presenting team at Chrystal Radio in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital aged 15 and worked there for 6 years. Throughout her time at Sheffield Hallam University Charlie gained journalistic experience as Music Editor and photographer for the university newspaper as well as being a regular contributor to BBC Radio Sheffield on everything from music/ entertainment features to political and current affairs. She joined her love of media and music as she represented South Yorkshire’s biggest festival of music and dance, Wath Festival as their publicist from 2009 – 2013.

Charlie undertook further training as a photographer and has been running her own photography business since 2010 specialising in events, weddings, portraits, commercial photography and tuition. She now owns her own studio, Apple Tree Hill.

Aside from her journalistic and photography work Charlie has maintained a career as a musician, performing at festivals and venues around UK and Europe and has released two studio albums on the RootBeat Records label as well as being a BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Semi-Finalist in 2005. She also teaches music privately to all ages.

Charlie lives with her family in Derbyshire and is a Mum of one. She founded Agenda Magazine in May 2013 and enjoys contributing articles and photography as well as overseeing the design, graphics, editing and organisation of the publication.


WRITER/ PHOTOGRAPHER: Danny StockdaleDanny profile

ABOUT: Danny is a full-time teacher and is currently working in the Special Needs sector of education, having graduated from the University of Derby in 1999. Following a six month period of social care work in Finland in 2000, Danny moved to Sheffield in 2001 where he began his teaching career and apart from a 10 week volunteer job in Bosnia, he has been teaching ever since.

Throughout his life, Danny has had a passion for music, from watching and listening to trying to play and using it as inspiration for artwork. It would be fair to say that Danny lives and breathes music, and would be lost without it. He considers himself to be open-minded and listens to a wide variety of genres and styles. It’s no surprise that he  claims Bjork as his musical heroine based on the freedom, imagination and innovation she’s brought to music.

Danny is a member of the Wath Festival committee and in this role he is responsible for marketing and publicity, as well as liaising with artists and photographing events. Danny sees this role as a new and exciting challenge, but one which ultimately brings him closer to the music.

He has been writing in a variety of genres for as long as he can remember. He began writing poems and lyrics before moving onto stories and short stories, he has even had a short story critiqued by Bagpuss co-creator, Stephen Sylvester. Now he has settled into writing what he calls ‘Fragments’, ideas  and thoughts, which are scribbled down on post-it notes, which he is rarely seen without.

Aside from the music and writing, Danny also creates artwork and enjoys photography which he exhibits on his ‘Insights Art Gallery’ Facebook  page.

Danny lives in Sheffield and is the father of two. He began writing for Agenda Magazine in August 2013 and enjoys the opportunity to contribute articles and photographs, but mostly enjoys seeing and supporting emerging musical talent. Danny is excited by the prospect of writing for Agenda Magazine and relishing the chance for his work to be finally seen in public.


WRITER/ PHOTOGRAPHER: Matt ChurchardMatt Churchard

ABOUT: Matt is a musician and guitarist most recently playing with post-hardcore Sheffield band, Go Civilian as well as First Pocket Last, Gretanova and Charlie Barker. Over the years Matt has played gigs up and down the country and is a big supporter of live music. He favours Fender guitars and is regularly seen playing live a Jaguar and Telecaster.

His creative interests developed into a love of art and photography and his portfolio features a mixture of street/ architectural photography with an emphasis on the editing process involved in the digital format. He currently uses a Nikon D70 camera for his work.

As a songwriter in his various musical projects over the years, Matt turned his writing to reviews and features in Agenda Magazine in 2013 and is regularly covering events for the publication.

Originally from Bolsover in Derbyshire, Matt now lives in South Yorkshire.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Sammi SparkeSammi Sparke

ABOUT: Sammi moved to Sheffield in 2011 after graduating with a 1st class BA honours degree in Photography from Lancaster University.

She grew up interested in the arts, studying fine art at GCSE and A level. It was however, a Media Studies degree at Sheffield Hallam that she finally decided pursue with an aim of working in Media full time. Sadly ill health meant Sammi had to leave University but while convalescing at home she began studying with the Open University; Humanities with History of Art. It was this degree coupled with the part time media work Sammi had taken on as an autocue operator and later as a runner and researcher on the BBC Culture Show that set the foundations for her career as a photographer.

During her period of serious ill health her biggest dream and motivation to get better had been to one-day travel the world and in 2005 this dream came true. Sammi, her camera and a friend travelled to Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia and the Americas. The photos she took of the people and places she saw consolidated her decision to turn her hobby of photography into her career and when Sammi was home she went back to University to study photography.

Sammi specialises in natural, creative baby and children photography. She enjoys portraiture, photographing bands and working with artists on creative promo shoots.

Sammi works between Sheffield, Cambridge and London. She is a doting aunt to her 18th month old niece and lives with her dog, Henry.