Review: Coloquix, Phantom Limbs Opening Night, 12/12/16

It was a dark and cold winter’s evening at the start of December, in one of Sheffield’s newest cafe/ art spaces.

The Holt, situated behind Arundel Gate is central enough to access easily but tucked away enough to have a quaint and quirky atmosphere and it was the latest venue to host Sheffield street artist, Coloquix’s new art exhibition.

Arriving early before opening, I am greeted at the venue entrance by a large, new signature black and white lady with wings and bright red, orange and yellow colours. A permanent feature now for all those passing to see.

As ever the man, Coloquix himself is nervously preparing and waiting for people to arrive and soon enough the place is full, pieces are being sold and there’s a hefty queue at the bar.

This year, the artwork has seen a progression in different themes and style, the famous black and white lady has become more animated in her depiction, with different actions, settings and features. There’s a darker theme working it’s way throughout the pieces, the halo, the skulls, the black raven and the ouija board making appearances.

It’s not just the style that has evolved, the medium has too featuring some smaller watercolour pieces as well as the spray can crafted pieces that the artist has become well known for.

It’s truly surpassed all expectations, showing the great skill and time taken to create all there is on offer.

Coloquix’s Phantom Limbs exhibition is on until Saturday 24th December at The Holt, Arundel Street, Sheffield.

– Charlie Barker

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New Coloquix Exhibition Coming To Sheffield

It has been a year since Sheffield street artist, Coloquix’s last exhibition opened in the heart of the city’s cultural quarter occupying the walls of The Forum.

The wait is nearly over… a new body of work ‘Phantom Limbs’ will be on show at The Holt Cafe, Arundel Street for two weeks with the opening night on 12th December at 7.30pm.

You can’t walk through Sheffield without noticing the artist’s work, alongside his contemporaries commissioned on the walls or shutters of businesses, the boards around construction sites and some less public and harder to find locations.

Coloquix said: “There’ll be lots of new Coloquix stuff to look at; some big, some small. Think of it like finding a painting in an abandoned building but much nicer. With cake.”



Coloquix at The Forum Sheffield, 29/12/14

The opening night of one of Sheffield’s favourite street artists, Coloquix took place just before we saw in the New Year at The Forum Bar & Café in the heart of the city’s Devonshire Quarter.

With it’s controversial overtones, street art essentially is art for everyone in a public place; commissioned or un-commissioned, versatile, ever-changing and unpredictable in it’s nature.

You can find a lot of Coloquix’s work in derelict buildings, hidden away for the small yet determined community of urban explorers to find whilst wandering the darker corners of our city.

Amongst many secret, hidden gems you’ll also see that his artwork has graced the walls of establishments like The Washington pub, brightening up their exteriors and also many private commissions in people’s gardens and houses.

by Andrew Warburton

by Andrew Warburton

It seems natural that his signature black and white, long-haired ladies and their feline friends should make the progression into a more mainstream arena.

Bright colours, adorn the walls of The Forum Bar & Café on the well-attended opening night of the exhibition with a total of 14 pieces painted onto board, all of which are for sale and will be there for a total of six weeks until early February 2015.

From the smaller head and shoulders portraits to the larger full length boards; if you want your own original piece of Coloquix street art this is the perfect place to view before you decide which article is for you.

Visit for more information.

View full set of live event images: click here.

– Charlie Barker